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Do you want to play at the college level? Do you have any football scholarship offers? 

Do you want to improve your recruiting position? 

Why do some athletes get recruited while others with equal ability do not? Do you feel behind in the process? Every year thousands of qualified high school student-athletes are overlooked or denied the opportunity to compete at the next level. The best players don’t always get the best offers. It is extremely important to have the right recruiting game plan for your individual situation.

At the Athlete Video Services, we assist student-athletes by providing the most effective service to increase their chances of getting an athletic scholarship. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of athletes obtain athletic scholarships. We assist student-athletes and their parents with the recruiting process and provide individual consultation from freshman year all the way up to National Signing Day.



Filming sporting events and individual workouts are a big part of what we do for athletes and teams. We film full games for high school sports teams in Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Lacrosse, and more…. Our 4k quality film and the strategy with how we do it help give athletes we help a huge advantage. Click on the photo above to watch a sample.


As former college scholarship athletes, we understand what it takes to get to the next level. One of the most important parts to getting an athletic scholarship is learning and understanding the ins and outs of the process. Our recruiting timeline will help you make the right decisions and avoid recruiting mistakes that can cost you. On Signing Day, know that you did all the right things and explored all options.


We develop a personalized "Game Plan" to get the best results and feedback from college coaches. Our consultation will help you be proactive as opposed to learning about things after the fact. Timing is everything. Start early, plan and prepare for what's coming. We will help you understand the evaluation process, build rapport with colleges, gain leverage, train for college camps, and close the gap towards getting an athletic scholarship offer.



The most important part of the recruiting process for any college bound student-athlete is to have a quality highlight video available for college coaches. You get one shot to impress a coaching staff and prove to them you are the right prospect for their program. Most high school teams use HUDL to store all their full game videos. We have worked with HUDL video since they started and know how to use their platform. We log into your account and can watch your games, tag, edit, and organize your clips. The biggest recruiting mistake is to let a high school kid make their own video.


College coaches are not allowed to evaluate you in person from December until May 31. Our off-season skills videos allow college coaches to evaluate you during this time. We help script the workout based on your strengths and the field. Agility drills, football combine stations, positional drills, weight room, and more. These will improve your overall recruiting position and allow them to get a close look at you. You also can't go to every college camp, but we can take the camp to them through our videos and share them with everyone. These help determine who like you prior to choosing your summer camp schedule.



We gather all the essential information needed to build out the athlete portfolio. This will help us create his Bio Sheet (PDF) and online profile. It will also help us write the Introduction Letter for email campaigns. With this information, we provide a player evaluation, have a detailed outline to create a "Game Plan", and we can suggest schools to target.


We take an aggressive old-school approach to creating and distributing your information to colleges. Every athlete is different. We want to hit a broad range of colleges, not underestimating your potential with a big school but not snubbing a smaller school. We target colleges based on four primary areas; athletic ability, academics, geographical and social preferences.


Having a great social media presence is essential as you go through the recruiting process. We help put together a plan to create compelling content that will help you get more exposure and recognition. We do video cut ups, graphic edits, and more for all platforms.



HUDL has emerged as a video platform used by high school coaches and athletes. HUDL gives athletes the ability to make their own highlight tapes online. It is a great service and a convenient way to make your video, but you should consider a few things before you post your highlights.

We have stressed that your video is the most important part of the recruiting process. All final decisions made by college coaches come from their evaluation of how well you perform on the field. Your performance is showcased in your highlight film. You get one maybe two chances to have your highlight film evaluated by college coaches. HUDL is putting this responsibility in the hands of 15, 16, and 17-year-old kids.

These athletes are making videos for the first time and have no idea what a college coach is looking for in a video. Video clips that they might think are highlights show up as weaknesses to the experienced college coach. The athletes are now missing out on scholarship opportunities, because of a lack of knowledge about the process, and the lack of experience in producing a video that will stand out among the thousands of other highlight tapes colleges are reviewing.



“The purpose of writing this E-Book is to help the young high school football players make the perfect highlight video to present to a college coach. I have made thousands of professional highlight tapes over the last 20 years, for some of the best high school players in the country. The experience and knowledge that I have as an old-school sports video editor need to be shared with the high school players today, that have aspirations of playing football at the next level. They need to have all the tips, pointers, and insight that I have learned over the years in order for them to create the perfect video. I want them to have the best chance possible to get the scholarship offer they want. This E-Book will give them the tools and strategies to guide them through the process.” – George Yarberry, Owner Athlete Video Services & EFN

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