Offseason individual workout videos are a great way to help improve your overall recruiting position. Sometimes a highlight tape may not show all your positive qualities that you bring to the table and you need to give them more for a fair evaluation.

These videos may be the difference for a college coach that is undecided on you as a potential candidate for their program. If you are on the fence with a college coach, this type of video could give them the confidence they were looking for to make you an offer. We can help you choose the right drills for the workout and showcase your individual strengths up close.

If you were injured during the regular season, an off-season workout video will give the college a way to evaluate you. If you play out of position for your team, an off-season workout video can show your strengths playing your projected college position.

These videos are a great way to show colleges coaches that you are working hard and progressing during a long off-season.

We can help you choose the right drills and exercises to give yourself the best advantage.


Weight room, 7v7 Highlights, 1v1 Camp Highlights, Positional Technique Drills, Agility Drills, etc…


Club/Travel Highlights, Skills Video, Positional Drills (Hitter/Setter/Libero/Middle/Back Row), ¬†Agility Work, Camp Highlights, etc…


AAU Highlights, Ball Handling Drills, Shooting Drills, Agility Work, Weight Room, etc…


Club team highlights, Agility Work, Stick Work (Passing/Catching), Shooting, Technique Work, etc…


Travel Highlights, Hitting Form (Tee/Cage/Practice At Bats), Fielding, Throwing, Pitching, Base Running, etc…


Club Highlights, Agility Work, Dribbling/Footwork Drills, Shooting, Passing, Tricks, etc…


Tournament Highlights, Technique Work, Backhands, Forehands, Serves, Agility Drills, Net Play, Range as an athlete, etc..


It takes more than just talent to get an athletic scholarship.

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