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The most important part of the recruiting process for any college bound student-athlete is to have a quality highlight video available for college coaches. 99.9% of all college coaches will request video if they are interested in you for their program. Colleges request video to determine if a potential prospect has the ability to play at that level and to see if the prospect fits into their particular system.

With this in mind, you get one shot to impress a coaching staff and prove to them you are the right prospect for their program. You must have a great video that showcases your strengths and talent on the court or field. The video must be organized and presented in a professional way that will make you stand out among all the other recruits being considered.

We can help create, edit and organize the best video, showcasing your talents in a positive light. Don’t cut corners making your highlight tape. Get your video done right!

All highlight tapes are uploaded to YouTube when they are completed. We can also help with a creative plan to distribute your video on social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook).

It takes more than just talent to get an athletic scholarship.

Call today to improve your recruiting position!