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Over the last couple of football seasons, HUDL has emerged as a video platform used by high school coaches and athletes. HUDL gives athletes the ability to make their own highlight tapes online. It is a great service and convenient way to make your video, but you should consider a few things before you post your highlights.

We have stressed that your video is the most important part of the recruiting process. All final decisions made by college coaches come from their evaluation of how well you perform on the field. Your performance is showcased on your highlight film. You get one maybe two chances to have your highlight film evaluated by college coaches. HUDL is putting this responsibility in the hands of 15, 16 and 17-year old kids.

These athletes are making videos for the first time and have no idea what a college coach is looking for on a video. Video clips that they might think are highlights show up as weaknesses to the experienced college coach. The athletes are now missing out on scholarship opportunities, because of a lack of knowledge about the process, and the experience of producing a video that will stand out among the thousands of other highlight tapes colleges are reviewing.

How can Athlete Video Services help football players improve their recruiting position?

1) We can take your HUDL log in information and create your video the right way on the HUDL platform. Everything from choosing the right clips to use, grading all the highlights and professionally organizing them in the right order on the timeline. We also clean up the transitions, arrows, spot shadows and length of each clip.

2) We can help you stand out among other athletes and give you a great chance to get the offer you want.


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