Do you want to play at the college level? Do you have any offers? Do you want to improve your recruiting position? Why do some athletes get recruited while others with equal ability do not? Do you feel behind in the process?       

Every year thousands of qualified high school student athletes are overlooked or denied the opportunity to compete at the next level. The best players don’t always get the best offers. It is extremely important to have the right recruiting game plan for your individual situation.

At the Athlete Video Services, we assist student-athletes by providing the most effective service to increase your chances of getting an athletic scholarship. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of athletes obtain athletic scholarships.

Our recruiting services include:

  • Individualized consultation/educating athletes and parents: One of the most important parts of the recruiting process is learning and understanding the ins and outs of the process. Examples: (Setting up a custom Game Plan for you, How to communicate with college coaches, How to target the right schools, Proving your market value, and more….)
  • Interpretation of all the NCAA Rules and Regulations. Examples include: Eligibility issues, contact rules, official/unofficial visits and more….
  • Provide each student-athlete with a recruiting timeline that will help them plan and prepare during the entire process.
  • Advice with all Academic and Financial Aid situations.
  • Athlete Portfolio Creation: Bio Sheet (resume), Introduction Letter, Letters of Recommendation, Transcripts, Highlight Video and Off-season video.
  • Highlight Video: The most important part of the recruiting process is your highlight video. With this in mind, you get one shot to impress a coaching staff and prove to them you are the right prospect for their program. We can help create, edit and organize the best video, showcasing your talents in a positive light. Don’t cut corners making your highlight tape. Get your video done right!
  • Targeting Colleges to get the best results. Based on your athletic ability, desired college major, geographical and social preferences, we can help identify which colleges to pursue.
  • Skills & Individual Workout Videos. Some sports require a skills video in addition to a highlight tape. We recommend these types of off-season videos because they can help you share more information to the colleges recruiting you and help them make a more informed decision in the evaluation process.

It takes more than just talent to get an athletic scholarship.

Call today to improve your recruiting position!